Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Red Alert

Terry Nelson letter

Here is the link to what is happening in Elsiepogtog in New Brunswick. Today, the RCMP arrested many Mi kmaq. A SWN truck ran over some women.

In 2012, I sent out the paper, How Dangerous is the situation in Canada. It was a warning to Canadians not to take our people lightly. The paper contained the following opening paragraph.

“One thing that police and the army know is that indigenous people don’t have any real supply of guns. The supply of guns is controlled but what the authorities don’t understand is that every one of the 633 reservations in Canada has old cars. In Winnipeg thousands of cars were being stolen every month, our indigenous youth who make up to 95% of the inmates in jail, were in criminal “training schools” on how to steal cars. If ever there was a military showdown between Indigenous people and the Canadian army, the first target would be the railway lines and burning cars would be on every railway line in Canada”

I was told quite harshly from a couple of our more militant warrior society members who read the paper "we don't need burning cars, if it gets bad, we just use straw bales with diesel or burning tires on railway lines"

The situation in Elsiepogtog is very dangerous, it is a flashpoint. The question in everyone's mind "is this what we were all waiting for". Is this the time when the Canadian economy is ground to a halt? Is this when the people take action, and ignore the peace Chiefs.

I have talked to John Levi in Elsiepogtog and he is sending me a video of the women getting run over by the SWN truck. When I get the video, I will send it out to everyone. This is a provocation. Canada has long run over the rights of indigenous people. They use laws invented by themselves, use guns and their police so that the immigrants can steal our natural resources, paying nothing for our resource wealth. SWN is financed by shareholders. IF the investors in SWN view the video, those shareholders must now be concerned with their investment returns.

Canada's image worldwide is now one of a nation that not only ignores pollution standards, it refuses to call an inquiry into the over 600 murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. The Tarsands and Murdered and Missing Women is Canada's international image. Canada is used to running over the rights of indigenous people who want to protect their water. If you are watching the live stream from Elsiepogtog, the message from the Mi kmaq is clear, "We don't want American Big Oil polluting our water just so Canadians and Americans can make a profit."

Nearly a year ago, on January 16, 2013, we as Manitoba AIM blockaded CN Railway line near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. It was a national line, one of many actions that took place across Canada. We only blockaded for six hours but we had huge economic impact. We responded to the call by the Chiefs to take action. Nothing has changed, Canada continues to ignore our rights.

IF the RCMP kill people in Elsiepogtog, there will be an immediate reaction across Canada. As we were advised after the OKA CRISIS, stay in your own area, do not bunch up, and if it gets bad, take action in your area. Do not all go to Elsiepogtog. Killing our Mi kmaq brothers and sisters just so someone can make a profit, is an act of war.

Keep Alert, watch the live stream and get ready. Circulate information amongst your people. The Mi kmaq are refusing to be another Tar Sands project.

Terrance Nelson

Vice-Chair American Indian Movement

Whatever Trevor

Dis is Trevor.

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