Taykwa Tagamou Nation Relieves Kennedy

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The Chief and Council of Taykwa Tagamou Nation have taken decisive action with respect to their Co-Manager Clayton Kennedy. Chief Dwight Sutherland has relieved Kennedy of his duties, while the matter of his alleged fraud charges are dealt with through the court system.

Further, Chief Sutherland has written a letter to Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Bernard Valcourt demanding that TTN be reimbursed for any potential costs associated with removing Kennedy from his duties as Co-Manager. “We believe that Aboriginal Affairs was aware of potentially troublesome issues about Mr. Kennedy and yet the Department of Aboriginal Affairs approved his appointment. Minister Valcourt must take responsibility for the costs and hardships incurred by our community.” Chief Sutherland added.

Co-management is the middle level of intervention by the Federal Government in order to improve a First Nation’s financial situation. The Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the TTN Chief and Council agreed on the hiring of Kennedy, however TTN currently pays 100% of the cost.

Chief Dwight Sutherland stated, “First and foremost, everyone is entitled to a fair trial and the courts will determine guilt or innocence, not us. At the same time, we believe that the financial trust and accountability we have to our people is paramount and as a result, we’ve asked Mr. Kennedy to deal with the legal matter on his own time and away from our community.”

Taykwa Tagamou Nation is signatory to Treaty #9 and is a small Cree community located east of Cochrane, Ontario.